Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dallas- High School Senior Portraits 2013 - annie K. Rowland Photography

Dallas showed up from Modesto with a vehicle full of style consultants.  Ok, so it was his siblings, each with friends who came to play at the beach, and watch a movie on the sand at the boardwalk.  We chose locations that left the kids enthralled with the wildlife while letting us capture Dallas as the quintessential (?) high school guy – still waters run deep.  While he started out a bit nervous, by the end of the session, we got to see the real man as he relaxed and cracked as easy smile watching his little sister play at the edge of the breakers on the beach.

 High School Senior Portraits in Santa Cruz California. Natural posing beautiful settings. 2013 Senior portraits. This has been a great year for senior portraits in Santa Cruz, we have had the best summer weather ever. Not much fog! and lots of fun  locations all over santa cruz.

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