Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seacape Wedding Photography - Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer

Boy meets geek, girl meets geek, boy geek and girl geek get married.  That about sums up this couple, but only on a superficial level.  Christie and Eric began with sharing the love of Star Trek and sci-fi/fantasy, and ended up sharing love with each other.  Though in spite of the Starship Enterprise suspended above the cake, and the ‘Spock ears’ on a number of the guests, this wedding was *almost* normal.  But hey, why be normal when you can have fun?  Guests from across the country just how cool it can be on the California coast in summer during the day, and just how lovely the nights can be as Seascape in Aptos.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kristen & Jian Wedding at Clos La Chance - Wedding Photography

The bridal suite at Clos LaChance in San Martin is amazing.  A beautiful room with a dark view of the barrels in the wine cellar on one side, and the sunny vineyards on the other.  An ecstasy of dichotomy.  That also described the bride and groom – she from California, he born in China and raised in Louisiana.  They found each other on a group date that went awry, but only for a short time.  The weather played into the dichotomy as well, with a blistering sun and warm winds morphing into a lovely calm, cool evening filled with stars.

I love this venue! Clos LaChance offers so many great options for  beatiful images. I can not wait to go back!  Michelle the coordinator there is awesome, she handled everything so smoothly, the flowers where done by Bloomsters- just perfect,  the videographer David Ethridge of AVR Films was as usual great to work with.