Friday, June 28, 2013

Beautiful Wedding at Turlock Golf and Country Club- Annie K. Rowland Photography

Chelsea/Matt 6/22/13
Matt had the foresight to have us join in on his engagement to Chelsea, and had us join in for his wedding as well.  It was a beautiful sunny day at the Turlock Golf and Country Club where we me him to go over the day’s events and plan our photography strategy.  She was a bit apprehensive about seeing him before the ceremony, but we made it into a great situation where they were able to see each other without the stress of the crowd.  They got to meet and embrace, and we toured around the property to capture some beautiful images of them as they prepared to be husband and wife.  The ceremony took place in the shade of a gorgeous tree, and we captured the couple and their family and friends in the lee of the country club and various beautiful spots nearby.
It was a wonderful locale that enabled us to have the reception very close to the ceremony, and include personal touches like the ‘54 Ford that was passed down from her grandfather.  We also snuck away for a sunset shot by one of the ponds on the course.  The party went well into the night, as the guests indulged in the incredible dessert table in lieu of the traditional cake (though the bride and groom cut a miniature cake in front of their place at the head table.)  I thought it was a great twist that encompassed the best of both worlds.
The crowd (especially the bridesmaids) was ready to dance, and they weren’t disappointed as the floor opened up and the music flowed while the guests bumped, swayed, and bounced around to various genres, including a great rendition of the Harlem Shake.  We ended the night with a festive sparkler sendoff as the couple made their way through the bright sparks.

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