Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alea- High school Senior Portraits- Santa Cruz

Katie and Dam- wedding photography at the Hayes Mansion

This couple got married on 1/1/11 on one of those gorgeous Hawaiian islands. It was a very heart felt ceremony recorded on video. They came back to the mainland for their reception. They celebrated with friends and family from all over the US at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose.
Without a doubt, the highlight of the evening was the Skype call with the bride’s brother from his firebase in Iraq. Complete with uniform and pseudo-drink, he was there to share the evening with us. If that wasn’t enough, the groom’s (pregnant) sister rang in from Alaska to join in the festivities. Oh, and of course the sharing of the cake was definitely eventful. ( but you had to be there) :-)

The music selection required a ‘no Top 40’ limitation, but we all managed to get down and have fun with a vast variety of other music. I don’t know that I’ve seen another group that had so many people with such an age range hit the dance floor, and just keep on dancing. A pair of the bride’s friends did an amazing job of accompaniment with artistic movements to complement the newlyweds.

Happy New Year to ALL

May good things happen to all this year!!!