Sunday, June 24, 2012

Matt & Chelsea - The Proposal • Engagement Photography Santa Cruz

Matt/Chelsea 5/31
Matt was a master of subterfuge in this endeavor, as he weaved an elaborate scheme with Annie to create a situation to happen upon a photographer at the beach where he would propose.  Nature was on our side, as we spotted an otter and a harbor seal just off the beach.  This gave Matt the excuse he needed to ask what we were photographing.  After a few minutes of lively theater, Matt popped the question, and we got to witness our first surprise proposal.  After the initial shock wore off, our happy couple upgraded their beach wear, and we caught some spectacular moments of their first hour as an engaged couple. (written by Eric Rowland)



Friday, June 15, 2012

Wesley- newborn photography santa cruz

This newborn session was a family affair, as the new baby boy was joined by his older brother, (who we’ve photographed for the past two years) as well as the grandparents, along with mom and dad, of course. Little Wesley was a bit fussy, but we were able to capture some great family images with his big brother and the rest of the extended family.

GIGI- High School Senior Portraits

Santa Cruz High School Senior portrait. Portraits on location. Why settle for the same old school senior portrait everyone gets. Dare to be different. Annie K. Rowland Photography has a special running for the month of June for 75% of senior session fees. call now.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stacey and Ryan- Wedding photography

This was a bit of a destination wedding for us, as we traveled north to San Ramon and the lovely Bridges Golf Club for the ceremony.  Stacey was the picture of composure, and her first words to us were “Let’s do this!” as she finished getting her hair done.  The rest of the wedding party was no less enthusiastic, and they were all ready to “Do this!”  As weddings go, this one was pretty flawless – we got a nice day in June, and everyone was on time – almost a miracle!  The wedding party was decked out in dark brown, and Stacey’s red accents – roses, shoes, and hairpiece – made for a wonderful contrast.  For me the highlight of the evening was Best Man Josh’s speech, which consisted of a masterful combination of mirth and humor, combined with the acknowledgement of loved ones lost, and the ‘bromance’ of life-long friends.  Casey/Stacey followed up on the girl’s side, with a more brief, but no less poignant summary of their
 relationship - chest bump, or no.  We had a great time with the whole crowd, and there was no shortage of people out on the dance floor until late into the night.  Congrats to the new couple!