Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Newborn Photography San Jose - Little Alexander

Newborn babies can be such a treasure to photograph, but you must have patience, lots of patience but the payoff is the capture of those amazing images that show a mother and father's love for their new bundle of joy. WOW...... if we had all had those images taken as a baby, we would always know that we have always been loved from day one. Now that is powerful.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Doc and Dianne Wedding in Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz Wedding photography

These two were just meant for each other – you could see it in their eyes when she walked down the aisle. This was the perfect rendition of a small, close-knit wedding. It was held at a private residence near Santa Cruz, and the bar was open before the ceremony! The groomsmen had introduced the bride to the groom, and throughout the day they showed how well they knew and how much they cared for both of them. We had a gorgeous spring day, with our wet winter making for tall grass in the fields of the property. Doc sported a cowboy hat (in white – he was the good guy) to honor his Texas roots, but didn’t have time to bring out the guitar he usually sports. Still, there was music, good food and fun for all.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Courageous Kids Day at Great America

I spent the day at Great America donating my time photographing those courageous kids that are fighting cancer and their families. Thanks to the American Cancer Society who put this event on every mothers day!. The kids and their families were a joy to photograph. I can't wait until next year!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Carmel Valley Wedding Photographer- Tiffany and Perry

This couple wed in a small church in Salinas before taking a twisty drive to Carmel for sunset at the beach. Before the ceremony we started with fun shots on a swing at Carmel Valley Ranch, and stopped by Chateau Julien for a photo op in front of the massive doors of the winery. It was windy and cold at the beach, but Tiffany took it in stride as we captured some stunning images on the rugged Carmel coast.

NewBorn Photography_Santa Cruz_ Little Joshua

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aptos Beach Wedding Photography - Tracy and Joel

Tracy and Joel had a small ceremony with family on the beach in Aptos. It was a gorgeous day as a blustery morning turned into a bright, calm sunset. This was one of the most entertaining ceremonies we’ve ever seen as George the officiant ran long and started pulling out props. They were already running late, and the sun was dropping quickly. Joel went in for the kiss after ‘man and wife’, but was stopped short by George, who was on a mission. The couple fidgeted a bit and looked around as ropes were braided and poems were read. At one point they broke into laughter, eliciting a paternal frown from George – he was far more serious than they. At last Joel got to kiss his lovely bride, and we got to capture the newlyweds at the water’s edge as the family watched from the balcony of their beach house. The ceremony was followed by a sumptuous seafood dinner spread across the table.