Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alaina- Watch Me Grow Baby Photography Program - Santa Cruz photographer

Alaina, is part of the watch me grow program. That is 3 sessions in one year so we could capture her as a new born, at 6-8 months and at a year. The watch me grow program is such a great way to capture babies first year, all the smiles, the fun expressions and of course the baby fat.
8 months

one year

Friday, September 21, 2012

Aiden- 1 Year baby Portraits- Baby Photographer Santa Cruz

Just too cute for words. I love this age to photograph,  So many smiles! This is a great age to capture for a life time. Baby still has lots of his baby fat, that cute chubbiness and smiles that wish he would never grow older.

Seascape Resort Wedding- Santa Cruz Wedding Photography

 For the first time, we met a bride on her wedding day with nobody else in the room! April was the picture of composure – until her flowers showed up and the emotion struck. Wesley was definitely Mr. Cool, looking good and wearing a killer pair of pinstriped shoes. The toasts were amazing, including a stand-up worthy routine from the best man, and a stand-in singer for Wesley, as he took over the drums from the live band ensemble. The show continued with a three part dance exquisitely executed by the newlyweds. Even the first group dance was a coordinated line dance. We made a dash down to the beach for sunset including a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride worthy zip down the hill – appropriate given the couple’s joint fascination with Disneyland. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beautiful Head Shots for business or online

Looking for a beautiful head shot for work or online, Annie K. Rowland Photography will make sure you get the best image for you. We want you to look your best. A great image is worth a thousand great impressions! Make sure your head shot can do that for you.

Noe, High school Senior Portraits- california bay area

We started with Noe in the tall grass as she modeled her brightly colored skirt and shoes.  She had a great range of expressions, from a very soulful gaze to a bright, easy smile.  From there we went to the beach where her mother joined us and shared funny stories when she wasn’t admiring her beautiful daughter and the images captured by Annie.


High school senior portraits are so important. Its just one of those rare times you will be photographed by a true professional photographer and I am not talking about the school photographer. These senior portraits capture the personality of your child and who they are at this time in their life. Once they go to collage they start a new chapter on their own.

Amanda- High School Senior Portraits, San Francisco

Little dresses, big doors and a bit of fog made for a fun afternoon of photography in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts.  Amanda was a bit tentative at first, but quickly gained confidence (and the attention of many tourists) as she posed for some stunning images in the rotunda.  This was a ‘Fashion Inspired Session’ – over three hours and a variety of outfits and locations including the PFA, Fort Point bunkers and Baker Beach.  The fog rolled in heavy, but retreated just enough to provide a view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop while Amanda played in the water in her loose knit dress.  Her mom suggested a shot of her laying in the surf, and was surprised when Amanda agreed!  It made for a some great images, and memories.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amy- High School Senior Portraits in Santa Cruz - Senior portrait photographer

High School Senior Portraits, in studio and on location available or, just get both!

Dallas- High School Senior Portraits 2013 - annie K. Rowland Photography

Dallas showed up from Modesto with a vehicle full of style consultants.  Ok, so it was his siblings, each with friends who came to play at the beach, and watch a movie on the sand at the boardwalk.  We chose locations that left the kids enthralled with the wildlife while letting us capture Dallas as the quintessential (?) high school guy – still waters run deep.  While he started out a bit nervous, by the end of the session, we got to see the real man as he relaxed and cracked as easy smile watching his little sister play at the edge of the breakers on the beach.

 High School Senior Portraits in Santa Cruz California. Natural posing beautiful settings. 2013 Senior portraits. This has been a great year for senior portraits in Santa Cruz, we have had the best summer weather ever. Not much fog! and lots of fun  locations all over santa cruz.