Friday, October 28, 2011

High School Senior Portraits - Jennifer

Annie K. Rowland photography studio specializes in fun on location high school senior portraits that express who you are! Why go to the school photographer for your senior portraits when you want something more unique!

Pet Photography Santa Cruz - Pepper Pepporonie

This is Pepper Pepperoni. The newest addition to the Beck family. This little doggie is soooo cute!

Engagement photography Santa Cruz - Valerie and Paul

Wow, sunsets in Santa Cruz in October can be absolutely amazing. I had a fun shoot at Natural Bridges the other day. It was an amazingly low tide, REALLY!!!, we could walk through the natural bridge. You can't do that everyday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

High school Senior Portrait Photographer coastal Bayarea - Lindsay

High school senior portraits. For lindsay's senior portraits we went to the beach. Lindsey was a blast to photograph, she just couldn't stop smiling. What a perfect day at the beach, warm and sunny just the way I like it.

High School Senior Portraits Santa Cruz- Megan

High school senior portraits. Megan was so much fun to photography. I love to bring out the textures from the rock, it can add so much to the image. Megan loves to read and it was great to incorporate that into one of the images.

Pet Photography Santa Cruz - Jidge

This shoot was all about the top dog. He was small in stature , but big in personality. In the studio he was full of spunk and ready to rumble. Once we got to the beach, he was a bit intimidated by the surf, but he stood tall and proud to let us know he was the (small) boss.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby, Newborn Photography - Baby Addison

Congrats to first time parents Dustin and Andrea! As a gift to the new parents Amy Lynden (of Amy Lynden Photography) and I collaborated to photograph little Addison. She is so small, weighing in just under 4 lbs, and so very precious. I photographed Dustin and Andrea's wedding 2 years ago and Dustin (owner of DLP Construction) - did all the construction work to customize my current photography studio. He has also done some amazing work for Amy. His work is just awesome! We both can't recommend him enough.