Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kristen & Jian Wedding at Clos La Chance - Wedding Photography

The bridal suite at Clos LaChance in San Martin is amazing.  A beautiful room with a dark view of the barrels in the wine cellar on one side, and the sunny vineyards on the other.  An ecstasy of dichotomy.  That also described the bride and groom – she from California, he born in China and raised in Louisiana.  They found each other on a group date that went awry, but only for a short time.  The weather played into the dichotomy as well, with a blistering sun and warm winds morphing into a lovely calm, cool evening filled with stars.

I love this venue! Clos LaChance offers so many great options for  beatiful images. I can not wait to go back!  Michelle the coordinator there is awesome, she handled everything so smoothly, the flowers where done by Bloomsters- just perfect,  the videographer David Ethridge of AVR Films was as usual great to work with.

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