Friday, May 18, 2012

I am now officially a Certified Professional Photographer of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Yes, I am now an officially a PPA Certified Professional Photographer! I am only 1 of 2 in the Santa Cruz Area. You may ask what does it take to become certified. Well, you have to first pass an exam of questions showing your technical expertise about lighting ratios, direction of light, colors, filters, the use of different F-stops, history of photography and much more. At some point it did feel like I was taking a math exam.  ( If your subject is 10 feet from you and you are shooting with light value of F8 and your subject moves back 10 feet how much more light would be required to get an accurate exposure.)  I passed with flying colors, then submitted 15 pieces of my work for evaluation. Judges then judge that your work is at professional level. All work submitted must be paid client work from 15 different clients.  What does all this mean?  Well it lets my clients or anyone looking for a professional photographer know that I just didn't make business cards and put up a website telling everyone I am now a professional photographer. (there seem to be a lot of those around)  I am educated in my industry, and produce high quality professional products for my clients.  I am not a 'shoot and burn' photographer as I feel that does not deliver a professional quality product for my clients.  I care what I produce for many of my wall portraits will be on my client's wall for many years if not a lifetime.

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