Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ivy and Ben

This was a fun shoot. Ben and Ivy came over from Hong Kong, and we planned a day long shoot from Palo Alto, through Half Moon Bay, and into San Francisco. The weather conspired to make SF a no-go, but the weather in PA was beautiful – yet it paled in comparison to our soon-to-be bride. When we arrived she was dolled up in a gorgeous frilly gown, complete with sheer gloves. We started in the hotel gardens, moved on to the borrowed Mercedes convertible, then went to Stanford, Ben’s alma mater. We even got lucky enough to get images without any people in front of the church! Our luck stopped there, however. After a wardrobe change (wow – incredible dress #2!) we headed towards Half Moon Bay – and a wall of fog. The fog turned to a light rain in short order, and the couple wondered what we were getting in to. We managed to find a dry spot near on a bridge near the golf club, and caught some amazing images in the misty fog. After our foggy/rainy experience in Half Moon Bay, we invited Ben and Ivy back to the coast for a better beach experience with "WoW dress #3". We had a record low tide and were able to get well below the average sea level, which allowed unprecedented access to some beautiful locations.

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