Sunday, October 25, 2009

Janae & Buck- San Juan Batista Wedding photography

San Juan Bautista was the setting for Janae and Buck to tie the knot. Their rooms at Posada de San Juan were just across the hallway, but they were both in their own (nervous) worlds before their first meeting. Buck exited the hotel to see his lovely bride-to-be waiting for him at the foot of the stairs. Buck’s room was the epitome of ‘wedding casual’, while Janae’s was a flurry of hairdressers, product and last minute touches. Ok, Buck got some ‘product’, too. We wandered the town with the almost married couple as adults stood aside with smiles, and several little girls whispered to parents and pointed with glee at the lovely bride. The ceremony was in the historic Mission San Juan, and the reception was held at nearby Casa Maria who set out a lovely spread of crab cakes, polenta, risotto and other tasty snacks from their vantage point above the valley. Appetizers included a refreshing and tasty white wine sangria, and were followed up with a scrumptious looking buffet.

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