Sunday, April 26, 2009

Becca & Jay - Wedding Photography Danville

Congratulations to Becca & Jay (Rebecca and Jose)they were married April 25th, 2009. They had decided to meet before the ceremony at a picturesque waterfall – in San Ramon. It was a beautiful location for photography – blue sky, falling water, and two people in love. The ceremony was hosted at a private mansion in the hills of Danville on this clear and blustery day. The wind made the veil and hair dance, but that paled in comparison to the couple’s first dance at the Sycamore Clubhouse which was the picture of poise and requited love. She twirled, she flirted, she enchanted. And of course, Jose was the focus of her attention as they glided over the dance floor. The dance was (amazingly) even more impressive than the reception which featured a live musician, the bride’s signature cocktail, a dessert table filled with homemade goodies and a sumptuous assortment of appetizers. The groom’s father – the patron – appropriately provided each table with a bottle of Patron, along with the requisite shot glasses and, of course, a wedge of lime. The dancing continued on into the night as the revelers wished the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness.

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