Thursday, April 17, 2008

CPW 2008-California Photographic Workshops- with Joe Buissink

Every year I like to increase my knowledge of photography and inspire my creativity to reach new heights and I believe that education is the KEY. This year I participated in Professional Photographers of California -Western States Conference, WPPI in Las Vegas and my favorite for the year, CPW which was in Scottsvalley this year. I had 4 days with Joe Buissink, one of the top 10 wedding photograhers in the United States. He is well known for photographing celebrity weddings like Jennifer Lopez & Jessica Simpson, just to name a few. Joe has a way with capturing moments that can tell a big story. A story pumped with joy, tenderness and every other emotion under the sun. He is all about hanging back and photographing what is in the background, those moments that so quickly slip by; but he is there with his quick trigger finger to capture it all. By the 4th day I felt I had a great grasp on observing and capturing some unique creative angles. Here are just a few images from my week.
Here is Joe going for the best angle even if it can be a bit tricky.

OK, I awoke a dawn to join Carl Caylor's class down a Santa Cruz beach to photography 2 chicks with surf boards. It was early but well worth it!

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