Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beck Family - Family Portrait Photography - Gilroy

Here is the Beck Family. Also known as the family of redheads. The Becks are close friends, in fact Steve was the officiant and wine consultant at my wedding. Steve works for one of the local wineries in the Gilroy area. His wife Sonya is actually one of the best wedding florists I know in the area. Her creations are truly eye candy(www.weddingsbysweetpea.com). The 3 little red headed monkeys are Parker on the left, and Emma and Alyssa which happen to be twins, but thank God they like to dress differently then one another so I can tell them apart. Emma is in gray and Alyssa is in green. This picture was taken in honor of Steve and Sonya's 10 year Wedding Anniversary coming up on May 25. Now that should be a good party!

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